Rhianna and Ellie Turner from the prestigious Furry Frolics have teamed up to offer a variety of training sessions for you and your pooch.

To give your pooch the best start we can assist with 121 sessions :

Household Manners, Toilet Training, Loose lead Walking, Recall, Socialisation, Eye contact, appropriate play and Sleeping to name a few.…

Please call to discuss in more detail. 

Rhianna 07505140626

Ellie : 07766383030

Puppy Group class

If you are looking for the best start for your puppy we offer on site puppy classes in our large secure private outdoor area here at RhiansWaggyRetreat.  

Puppy classes are perfect for young puppies and adolescents. The exclusive puppy classes have limited numbers to ensure you receive our time and dedication. This fun-packed 6-week course focuses on specific skills such as lead walking recall and tricks. To book please visit


We  understand how busy everyones life is and sometimes training your dog is not at the tope of the list . This is why we decided to create a holiday for your pooch where we can offer bespoke force free training based on the latest behaviour science. We will consult with you to find out about your dogs life and habits and what you wish your dog to achieve. Then during the trial day we can assess the  training for your pooch. We can put together a training plan thats truly tailor made for your dog. We kick start the training here and will send you videos clips of your pooch in action and then arrange a appointment after your holidays  to show you how to execute it yourself !

This is crucial to you being able to implement the training at home. 

Training will be done here on site, the follow-up appointment will be arranged via zoom, here at Rhian’s Waggy Retreat or at your home. 

Restrictions andistance allowing. We will discuss this with you prior to any bookings being made.  Excluding Boarding From £100